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Blue gear closer up

Cape Tribulation fern, Queensland 2003

Cape Tribulation leaf, Queensland 2003

Cape Tribulation leaf close-up, Queensland 2003

Cape Tribulation orchid, Queensland, 2003

Cape Tribulation orchid close-up, Queensland, 2003

Cape Tribulation palm, Queensland 2003

Hilltop ruin, Eyegalieres, Provence, 2006

Hilltop ruined stair,
Eyegalieres, Provence, 2006

Perfect red

Red with chrome

Skull flowers

Moonset, Westcliffe, Colorado, 2006

Thunderclouds, Westcliffe, Colorado, 2005

Thunderclouds, Windmill, Westcliffe, Colorado, 2006

Windmill Behind Cabin, Westcliffe, Colorado, 2006

Art Publications

Cover Photo for Into the Void Magazine,
"Window", Westcliffe CO - Summer 2016


Photo Credits

"Trainstripes," Fiction at Work, December 7, 2009
"Fern Babies," Fickle Muses, November 2009
"Metalwave," Fiction at Work, July 2009
"Window," Fiction at Work, July 2009
"Calla," Fickle Muses, July 2009
"Clothesline #1," Fickle Muses, November 2009
"Solitude," Rockhurst Review, Spring 2009
Cover photo contest winner, "Four Quadrants," Blue Earth Review, Spring 2009
5 photographs, Verdad, Fall 2008
“Afternoon Virga,” Picayune Magazine, 2008 [black & white landscape]
“Blue Gear Close-Up,” “Red Rust Geometry,” “Red Headlight” (cover), Cake, 2008 (print/on-line) 2008
“Mandolin Player #1, #2” Riverwind v. 29 2008 [black and white portraits]
“Blue Wheel,” “Perfect Red,” The Rambler Magazine, 2008 (print and on-line versions)
Lantern with Words,” Fickle Muses, March 2008
Cover photo, "No. 14," Panamowa: A New Lit Order, 2007
“Perfect Red,” “Red M,” “Red with Chrome,” Panamowa: A New Lit Order, 2007
Two black and white portraits, Riverwind Magazine, 2007
Skullflowers,”, Spring 2007
“Blue Wheel, “ “Perfect Red,” The Rambler Magazine, 2007
2 photographs of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in southern Colorado, Oregon Literary Review, Winter/Spring, 2006
Double Halo, Bat Effect, The Healing Muse, 2006
B/W “Strata on Sangres,” Steam Ticket, 2006
B/W “Vertical Landscape,“ Edgar, 2006
Five black and white landscapes, Off the Coast, 2006-7
Two color landscapes,, 2005
Blue Moon Photo Show, color, Portland, OR, 2005
Blue Moon Photo Show, color, Portland, OR, 2004
B/W photographs, Synergia, Lewis & Clark College, 2003
Color xerox, The Literary Review, Lewis & Clark College, 2003
Color xerox, The Literary Review, Lewis & Clark College, 2002
Author photo, Joanne Mulcahey, U. of Georgia Press, 2001
B/W photographs, Synergia, Lewis & Clark College, 2001
Color xerox, Entropy, Lewis & Clark College, 2001
Color xeroxes, The Literary Review, Lewis & Clark College, 2000
B/W photograph, Imbroglio, Lewis & Clark College, 1999
Color xeroxes, Art Show, Gender Studies Symposium, Lewis & Clark College, 1992-9
B/W photographs, The Literary Review, Synergia, Lewis & Clark College, 1998
Two B/W photographs, The Literary Review, Lewis & Clark College, 1996
Cover Photo, Synergia, Lewis & Clark College, Spring 1996
"Portraits of Two Jewish Women," Bridges: A Journal for Jewish Feminists and Our Friends, Summer 1995
B/W portrait, Literary Review, Lewis & Clark College, 1995
Photo Show , Marco's Cafe and Gallery, Portland OR, Summer, 1995
Cover photo, Oregon Focus, July 1994
Cover photo, York Ferry, Cane Hill, 1993
Artisans Gallery, Nehalem, Oregon, 1992-1993
Author photo, Erasures, Donald Revell, Wesleyan University Press, 1992
Author photo, American Poetry Review (cover), July/August 1990




"Assemblages." Monument Branch Pikes Peak Library District January 2016
"Nature Works" Bear Creek Nature Center 245 Bear Creek Road, Colorado Springs, CO. September 2015
Assemblages. Pikes Peak Library 21 C Branch, 1175 Chapel Hills Dr. Colorado Springs, CO July-August 2015
Assemblages. Once in a Blue Moon Art Show, The Gallery at Heritage Organics. 78 N. Precision Dr., Pueblo West, CO July-August 2015
Photographs. "How Do You See God?" Academy Art & Frame Company. 7560 N. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO July 2015
Photographs. Wesley Owens Coffee.
1744 Lake Woodmoor Dr., Monument, CO
July 2015

"Assemblages." Sangres Art Guild

April 2015

TYPOGRAPHIQUE, Group Show, Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs July 2013
OMEGA WORKSHOPS REVISITED, Solo Show, Jones Theater Studio Two, Westcliffe February 2013
Three-Artist Show, Third Street Gallery, Westcliffe August 2012
Solo Show, Dawn Cafe, Salida May 2011
Solo Show, Annie's Assemblages: Telling Stories, Third Street Gallery, Westcliffe March 2010
Colorado: See the New West Like a Local juried art exhibit, DIA, Denver CO April 2008 -
January 2009
ArtMatters, Group Show, Salida CO Winter 2008-9
Third Street Gallery, Solo Photo Show, Westcliffe CO August 2008
Third Street Gallery, Miniature Group Show, Westcliffe CO April 2007
Mizel Jewish Museum, Denver CO April 2007
Fremont Center for the Arts, Canon City, CO September 2006
Sangre de Cristo Artists Guild Co-op Gallery, Westcliffe CO 2006
Sangre de Cristo Gallery, Westcliffe CO 2005-present
Permanent collection, Westcliffe Medical Clinic, CO 2000-present

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